New Leader Fast Track

If you are a…

  • High-potential executive/manager moving into a new role
  • New executive/manager responsible for leading change
  • First-time manager

What follows could be the difference
between success and failure in your new role.

The first three months in your new management position can make or break your future as a leader in your new role. It is critical that you get going the right way, with the right expectations, cementing the right key relationships with your new executive manager and direct report team. If potential problems in these relationships are not addressed and resolved at the outset, they will grow. Facts show that executives who do not have outside help with this process increase their own risk of failure:

  • 58% of new executives hired from the outside fail within 18 months.
  • 89% of new management hired admit they don’t have the full set of skills or knowledge required to do their jobs.
  • 70% of new-hire senior executives leave their positions within the first two years.

Trying to “go it alone” is the number one
reason for new executive failure.

As a new executive you’re walking into a set of problems you know nothing about. The people who await your arrival are unlikely to tell you what the most confronting problems are. There are many reasons why people withhold critical information from you:

  • They don’t want to bring bad news.
  • It isn’t “their problem.”
  • Talking about the problem is uncomfortable.
  • They “don’t even know you.”
  • Everyone is afraid of taking the blame for what isn’t working.

By the time you find out the underlying problems you are up against, it might be too late. Any efforts you make trying to solve them after the fact will only delay your ability to deliver positive results. The  New Leader Fast Track provides a way to smoke out these problems and get them resolved within the first few days of taking the position.

During the 3 weeks of new manager’s arrival, we:

  • Conduct online assessments and/or interviews with everyone involved: you, direct reports, executive manager(s);
  • Ask direct questions about key challenges and opportunities as well as emotional issues and implications;
  • Use all these means to “smoke out” problem areas;

Then we analyze the data and work with the new leader to develop a New Leader Fast Track Plan that addresses:

  • Business Problem Analysis & Solutions
  • Emotional Landscape
  • Relationship Gaps
  • Team Problem Analysis & Solutions
  • Impediments to Success
  • Priorities for Action
  • Leadership Development Goals
  • Milestones for Goals
  • “First 100 Days” Results

With this new Leadership Fast Track Plan you are armed with data and ready with a mandate for effective action.

This process requires 3-4 consulting days spread out over 1-2 months.

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Our Proven Track Record

My colleagues and I have provided consulting, coaching and/or guidance to more than 15,000 people, 200 leadership teams on 6 continents, at over 100 of the best-known companies in the world including:

Thank you, Simon, for being a gift to our leadership team! It was a brilliant day! Your openness, genuine spirit, and reflective facilitation made it work for everyone.

Executive Director
Santa Barbara, CA

Why Choose Us?

Others that offer this service have mastery in 1 or 2 areas; we have mastery in at least five.  We bring deep experience and knowledge in:

  • Experiential meeting design
  • Culture Design Consulting
  • Executive Coaching
  • Expert Facilitators
  • Dynamic trainers on a variety of leadership topics

Between us, we have over 50 years of experience designing, guiding, supporting, and facilitating corporate leadership summits that exceed expectations on all fronts.

I could go on at length on the impact of the last couple days with you. Thank you for re-opening some doors I had closed for myself. I am sure you can read enough in-between the lines to get the profound impact you had on me in such a short time.

Social Media Company, Silicon Valley

The New Leaders Fast Track program offers:

  • Rapid awareness of problems lurking inside your new situation—without having to fail before you discover them.
  • Mastery over your situation in minimum time—so your situation doesn’t master you first.
  • An increased probability of success in your new situation—while producing more results faster for the company.
  • To uncover key issues—so you can solve them or put them to use.
  • Help in aligning your team on key objectives—so you can form great team habits and morale from the get-go.
  • Strengthened working relationships—the foundations of your success.
  • To accelerate the “getting to know you” process—and get off to the right start.
  • To minimize future misunderstandings—by opening a dialogue from the beginning.
  • Help in correcting negative perceptions from the past—before they blindside you.

This process requires 3-4 consulting days spread out over 1-2 months.

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