Culture by Design Workshop and Keynote

Culture is critical to everything your company does.

Ignoring culture is the surest way to depress profitability and other key performance metrics. In fact, a study on corporate culture and performance found that companies who made culture a priority over an 11-year period, had 4 times higher revenue, 12 times higher stock price, and 750 times higher net income than those that did not.[1] Given such drastic differences between cultural “haves” and “have-nots,” why do so few companies successfully transform themselves into high-performance cultures?

[1] * John P. Kotter and James L. Heskett, Corporate Culture and Performance (New York: The Free Press Maxwell Macmillan Int’l, 1992), 11

Why do most culture change efforts fail in the long term?

Because it’s hard. There are many ways to fail. The landscape is littered with failed culture change efforts. Successful implementation is counterintuitive. None of the usual methods works. It can’t be delegated, can’t be mandated, can’t be outsourced, can’t be hired/fired, and can’t be given to internal SWAT teams. To succeed, everyone from the CEO down to the janitor must be involved. Cultural fitness requires every person in the company to do their own pushups. The goal is to change corporate DNA and intentionally transform the culture of your team, organization, and company.   As the manager of a team (function, organization, or company) you, more so than anyone else on your team, are uniquely poised to positively impact your culture. This workshop can show you how.

Appropriate for managers and leaders of all levels, this one-day workshop will help you evaluate your team’s current culture and offer new insights and practical tools on how to enhance your leadership, improve your team’s performance, and bring out the best in people.


In this fast-paced and interactive workshop we will explore the following questions:

  • Given such drastic differences between cultural “haves” and “have-nots,” why do so few companies successfully transform themselves into high-performance cultures?
  • What are the five reasons most culture-building efforts fail and what to do about them?
  • What is your team or company’s “default culture” and what is it costing you in time, energy and money?

You will leave with …

  • A way of talking about culture that makes it easy to understand and do something about.
  • Clarity about your own “default culture” and how it is causes unnecessary drama.
  • The four critical behaviors central for creating a more thriving, high-performing culture.
  • A road map for designing, embedding, and activating a “next level” culture in your team or company.
  • Your very own “culture code” and a clear path forward for embedding it into your company.
  • Concrete tools and practices that will help you to start intentionally shaping the cultures around you.

Also available for intact teams:

Have your team take a strategic time-out from your day-to-day activities and put your “culture glasses” on. Whether you have been working on your culture for 20 years or you are just starting a new company, this facilitated conversation will leave people feeling curious about culture with concrete tools and practices that can be used right away.

This workshop is not just about learning concepts that might be useful later. The culture will shift right there in the room. Bring your whole team and you will set yourself up for sustaining that culture shift into the future.

There was an extraordinary amount of quality tools and techniques provided during this workshop.  In my 16 years in the workforce, I have never attended a program more well-paced, informative, engaging, energizing, interactive, and just downright fantastic. This workshop well exceeded all expectations.  Simon D'arcy is an amazing, authentic workshop leader--the BEST I have ever encountered in my entire career.

Senior Director
Social Media Company, Silicon Valley

For intact teams possible outcomes include:

  • Getting everyone on the same page about what culture is and where you need to go next.
  • Honestly exploring perceptions of your current culture.
  • Clarity about your own “default culture” and how it is causes unnecessary drama.
  • A road map for designing, embedding and activating the culture you want within your team or company.
  • Leaving inspired about what’s possible for your team or company.

This meeting is a time to get real with what is happening about culture on your team or in your organization.   We provide a set of models, maps, questions, and exercises that will help your leadership team get a glimpse of current and desired culture.   Having an outside facilitator and expert will help you get an informed and accurate reflection of where you are, and what needs to happen next.

Thank you for re-opening some doors I had closed for myself. I am sure you can read enough in-between the lines to get the profound impact you had on me in such a short time.

Tech Company, Silicon Valley

This is the first workshop that I can truthfully say has impacted me. The first ‘breakthrough’ came in the morning, working with Simon – thank you!

Sales Manager
Vienna, VA

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