Annual Leaders Summit

Are you responsible for setting up your company’s next Leaders Summit or Global Managers meeting? Then, you’ll want to know…

Designing A Meeting That Gets Business Results

You’ve been tapped to organize the next Global Managers meeting. It’s a job with a lot of risk and very little upside—to you. The important thing is: don’t screw it up. But that’s not how the leaders of the company look at it. They want results.  And this is just the tip of the iceberg. You’ve got other concerns to manage:

  • Time: 3 days is not enough.
  • Complexity: there’s too much complexity to cover in one 2-3 day meeting.
  • Decision-making: how do you defuse/prevent a Senior Management Team conflict on decision-making?
  • Implementation: how do you make sure it gets implemented and not forgotten?
  • Feedback: how can you tell that what gets implemented is effective?
  • Collaboration: how can you use the time to maximize collaboration?
  • Measurement: how can you tell whether the meeting is a success?

What is the ROI of Your
Annual Managers Meeting?

Bringing together the top 100-150 leaders in your company for 2-3 days is a big investment.   Setting aside the hard costs of the conference itself, the combined salaries of the 150 highest paid people in the company multiplied by 2.5 days away from their day jobs = A lot of money. Depending on the size of your meeting and how well paid your leaders are, we are talking about anywhere from $250,000 - $2,000,000 in leadership time spent.

With pressure to produce a “home-run” meeting, many feel obliged to spend a lot of money on the external factors (luxury hotel, nice meals, great entertainment, a high-priced keynote speaker). And, while these can certainly enhance an experience, they do nothing to ensure increased alignment on key issues and goals leaving the meeting.

How can you make sure that this investment brings you a high return in engagement, increased alignment, better execution, decreased roadblocks, higher morale, and loyalty?

Find a consulting group that has a proven track record of flawlessly designing, producing, and facilitating a meeting that delivers.

We Help You with Every
Stage of the Process:

  • We interview key stakeholders to identify clear outcomes for the meeting:
  • What do you want people to be thinking differently?
  • How do you want people to be feeling differently?
  • What do you want people to be doing differently?
  • Where, specifically, do you need stronger company-wide alignment?
  • Once we have a clear picture of your desired outcomes, we design backwards:
  • What are the key mindsets needed to achieve these outcomes?
  • What are the key behaviors needed to achieve these outcomes?
  • What are the top 3 key messages that you want coming out of the meeting to the rest of the organization?
  • We then design an agenda that is experiential, engaging, and that makes sure the right conversations are happening in the right order with the right people:
  • The agenda is co-created with the Summit Planning Team with a focus on creating 100% alignment amongst key executives going into the meeting.
  • Key leaders are identified who are most believable in the change message.
  • Support Senior Leadership team to own and lead. While we have a deep bench of skilled facilitators who can act as MC, provide dynamic content on a variety of topics, and facilitate plenary and breakout sessions, we find that the best meetings are those where the key leaders of the organization become the stars. After the design phase we spend time helping you fully own your role in the meeting enabling you to be powerful, engaging, and dynamic. This can include support in dry-run rehearsals, executive speech coaching, agenda/presentation design, and other behind-the-scenes support.

Meet The Dream Team:

Our Proven Track Record

My colleagues and I have provided consulting, coaching and/or guidance to more than 15,000 people, 200 leadership teams on 6 continents, at over 100 of the best-known companies in the world including:

Between us we have over 50 years of experience designing, guiding, supporting, and facilitating corporate leadership summits that exceed expectations on all fronts.

The last meeting we facilitated, 98% agreed or strongly agreed that it was a GREAT meeting. 86% of returning attendees said it was the best leaders meeting they had been to.

I have been attending these meetings for over 40 years and this is the best one I have ever attended.

Matt Ralls
CEO Rowan Companies

Why Choose Us?

Others that offer this service have mastery in 1 or 2 areas; we have mastery in at least 6.  We bring deep experience and knowledge in:

  • Experiential meeting design (open space technology, audience response system, simulations, etc)
  • Executive coaching
  • Expert facilitation and master of ceremonies
  • Executive speech coaching and prep
  • Culture design consulting
  • Dynamic trainers on a variety of leadership topics

Our Meeting Design and Facilitation
Process Helps Produce:

  • Stronger alignment on key strategic initiatives
  • More focus, less distraction
  • Increased engagement
  • Improved execution
  • Decreased roadblocks
  • Leaders who feel energized and empowered

Most people plan these big leadership meetings the same way new couples plan their marriage.   They spend 80-90% of their time, money, and energy on creating an amazing wedding experience (and honeymoon) and very little on the next 40 years of their relationship.   How many meetings have you been to that created a lot of hope, inspiration, and engagement only to have it fade away and sometimes disappear completely once the whirlwind of daily tasks comes back?

We can only do so many of these sessions per year.

Our calendar for each year usually fills up by June.


Contact: (805) 284-9122